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    Weight Loss

    {Maintaining a healthy weight is important for a healthy life. Excess weight is a recognized risk factor for many health problems including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and hypertension. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to take regular physical exercise and eat foods low in fat. People considered most at risk of developing health problems are those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is calculated by taking weight in kilograms, and dividing by (height in meters)?. For people with a BMI of 27 or more, weight loss can be assisted by taking an effective weight loss medicine.} {[B]How to find information on drugs used for Weight Loss:[/B]} {The following links are to pages containing information on drugs used for Weight Loss.} {Brand and generic names are cross-referenced.} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/sibutramine.html"]Sibutramine[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/orlistat.html"]Orlistat[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/bontril.html"]Bontril[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/didrex.html"]Didrex[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/meridia.html"]Meridia[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj"]Phentermine[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/tenuate.html"]Tenuate[/URL]} {[URL="http://freewebs.com/phenj/xenical.html"]Xenical[/URL]}
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