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War and peace

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War is an armed clash between nations, or in simple words, a fighting between two sides. They say that there’s never been a completely peaceful day on earth. Every day in this or that part of the world people fight each other. Wars are begun with many different reasons: land conflicts, religious disagreements, and independence conflicts. In the 11th and 12th centuries were the Crusades. The European Christians wanted Israel to be the Christian homeland. The Muslims on the other hand, felt that it was their holy land and they didn’t have to give it up. The modern civilization lived through two devastating world wars which took away lives of hundred millions of victims. Most recently were the Gulf War and war in Iraq. The Iraqis wanted to take over Kuwait, which has an extraordinary rich oil supply. Many Kuwaiti civilians were killed, injured or suffered property damage. Then, in March – April of 2003 the world witnessed yet a new war, the war of America on Iraq. The U.S. incursion was the most fundamental viol
ation of international law [url=http://hookahs.0catch.com].[/url] In the language coined at the Nuremberg trials, it was a crime against peace. The Bush administration turned this question on its head and claimed that the war was necessary in order to uphold international law. Numerous anti-war organizations called on the people of the world to resist the “war without limit” under the slogan ‘Not in our name’. A war-sanctioning resolution failed by a wide margin to gain support in the UN Security Council. The war faced strong opposition from France, Germany, Russia, China and the great majority of UN member states as well as world public opinion. The war has created a deep humanitarian crisis in Iraq and a deep political crisis in the international system. Civilian casualties. However much Iraqis might want to see the end of Saddam Hussein's regime, they also - like any other people - didn't want their country occupied by foreign powers. US troops clashed with Iraqi civilians in several towns to the no
rth of the capital. Under the pressure of fac
ts the UK government admitted they had broken international law by using the munitions in towns and cities, the use of cluster bombs against civilian targets in particular. The devastating consequences of the battle for Baghdad: more than 1700 Iraqi civilians died and over 8000 were injured. Baghdad drowned in flame and suffocated with smoke. Most of the city remained a dangerous no-man’s land and Iraqis blame US soldiers for protecting themselves and not the population. US soldiers “might have liberated” Baghdad and the regime has collapsed. But the city has been thrown into chaos with widespread arson, anarchy and looting. The reconstruction process is going to be a difficult task. War, in my opinion, is useless because of its damaging results. Under no circumstance is war moral, even in cases of self-defense. There are just other ways to solve problems. Peace treaties are very often a hard, complicated, but an only reasonable way to end war. In a peace treaty, it is possible to settle the differences and c
ome up with an agreement.

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