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Примеры текстов:


В стиле Alice Cooper:


If you see what I have seen

You will beg me on your knees


To bring you death

And make it quick


Feel your body's shaking...



Now I must to tell you this

Story of the darkest years


There was a man

Who lived in sin


No less no more than others.


See, he was your father...



В стиле Midnight Oil:


Is there enough left for us

Among these seas and these trees and this grass?


Will we keep all our poems for us?

Will they bury our souls in their dust?


Is there enough gold for us

Among these treasures that will never rust?


What if rivers will never go round,

As the man has built walls with no bounds?


Well you have just one life

To realize you can't travel in time.


See yourself you just have to decide

What'd you leave to your daughters and sons.


Is there anything up on your mind?



Просто так

What is the colour of your wish?


Everybody wants to have

A flower full of wishes. And

What if someday suddenly

You will find the one indeed?


Someone could make usual wish -

To be powerfully rich.


The other wants to live a life

For interminable time.


The third one asks for love itself

To share it all with someone else.


The fourth wants to dispel the lies

If there's a Heaven in the skies.


The fifth wants to be famous man

To know no other word but "can".


At last the sixth one maybe could

Sacrifice his life for good.


I say my wish for you to know:

"Lets put it to the ground to grow".

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