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Не рок, конечно, ближе к поп-музыке... что-то типа бритпопа, я думаю...


One time I found a real friend,
Just once I left famil'ar land,
Could not hear any mind's commands -
But only one time, yeah.
One time forgot about the time,
And far not long it all was fine,
Soon fortune paused bein' mine -
But then it came back, yeah.

It was one time - oh it's so bad
But that was once and I was glad
Because thank God I wasn't timid or headlong...
This life for someone is a joke,
For somebody it's just a walk,
While others got thru all and hardly can go on...

One time my anger broke away,
I was the crowd and went my way,
I had uplifts, got thru decay -
But only one time, yeah.
Formerly had to go aside,
My life resembled a horse-ride,
Tho' sometimes it was slow and out of pride
For me...

It was one time, etc.

One month a year I feel alone,
One day a month I want to know
What I am livin' for and what will later be...
Sometimes I break with all before,
Then count my losses and the score -
And it not always gladdens me...

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