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I was home visiting my folks and my mom asked me to set the table for dinner.

When I opened the refrigerator and taped to the inside of the door was a photo of a lovely, slender, perfectly built, naked young woman[url=http://batteries.tkgxl.com/sony-laptop-battery.html].[/url]

"Mom, what's this?" I asked.

"Oh, I put that up there to remind me not to over-eat," she answered.

"Is it working?" I asked[url=http://phentermine.tnvdy.com/cheapest-phentermine-online.html].[/url]

"Yes and no," she explained. "I[url=http://phenterminebuy.mlvma.com/phentermine-cheap.html]'[/url]ve lost 15 pounds, but your dad has gained 20!"

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