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30-40 рублей за CD, самый большой выбор в мире, ФОРУМ, ОБСУЖДЕНИЯ.




[VSTi] [MAC] Linplug Sophistry Ambient Synthesizer v3.0.5 link 1DVD
[VSTi] [PC] Linplug Sophistry Ambient Synthesizer v3.0.5 link 1DVD

[SUPER HIT] [sample] FXPansion BFD Jazz and Funk Expansion Pack link 5DVD-Set

[sample] ILIO Dirk Campbells Origins GIG link 1DVD
[sample] ILIO Dirk Campbells Origins EXS24 GIG link 1DVD

[e-Book] ASK Ableton Live 5 tutorial link 1DVD
(ASK Video Ableton Live 5 Tutorial. 38 videos and over 3 hours of instruction. This the full Hybrid DVD Tutorial for MAC & PC. Enjoy !!!!! And Happy Easter to all.!!)

[sample] Hawaiian & National Slide Guitars WAV link 1CD
Cool National n Hawaiian Slide Guitar Loops

[sample] Big Fish Audio Michael Cartellone Power House Drums WAV link 1CD
(great drummer...Michael Cartellone - Power House Drums )

[sample] Big Fish Audio Soul City multiformat link 1DVD

[sample] Reason Refill: Sonic Reality vol.20 MelloT Rfl link 1CD
(Mello-T features picture-perfect sampling of the vintage Mellotron and Chamberlin tape-based keyboards)

[sample] Reason Refill: Sonic Reality vol.7 Reality Drums Rfl link 1CD
(high quality multi-sampled instruments for Combinator and ReDrum. Featuring SR`s unique I-Map interactive mapping, L-R stick snare rolls, ghost notes, multi-dynamic positions and up to 8 vel. layers!)

[sample] Reason Refill: Sonic Reality vol.5 Symphonic Rfl link 1CD
(Symphonic offers expressive strings, brass and wind sounds all in one value-packed Refill. It gives more bang for the buck than any orch. library on the market. Combinator. )

[sample] SAM True Strike 24bit multiformat link 3DVD

[sample] Big fish Audio MixTape Toolkit EXS24 HALion Kontakt Apple Loops link 1CD

[sample] Ueberschall - Groove Shadow CDDA link 1CD
(A loop concept to bring drumloops to life. they consist rhythmic ambience, atmosphere, noise and fx sounds. when combined with drumloops, they appear in a new light. the secret of many top producers!)

[sample] Percussion Slam - InVision Interactive Akai link 1CD
(Whether you're doing Pop, R&B, dance, hip hop, Latin, world, or ethnic music, you won't regret buying this disc." 5 out of 5 - Keyboard )

[sample] Big Fish Audio Rotation WAV REX AIFF Apple Loops link 1DVD
(Big Fish Audio's Rotation is a DVD that is packed with over 1.5 GB of loops and samples designed for Pop and R&B production. The loops are provided in three popular formats, WAV, REX2, and Apple Loops)

[sample] Pro Samples Vol.41 Solo Strings ACID, EXS24, HALion, WAV link 1CD
(great collection of solo string samples)

[sample] SoundScan 19 Hip Hop and R&B Akai link 1CD
("Enormous kick, dynamic snares, and a simplicity in programming is the signature of the best.")

[sample] M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.22 Sounds of Unseen Worlds Acid Wav Rex2 link 1CD
(Sounds Of Unseen Worlds is a sonic voyage of atmospheric signals derived from plants, rocks, fungi, shortwave radio and bat radar, and expanded by an Eventide Orville Harmonizer.)
[audioappz] сборник ACID Pro v6.0 + Sony Vegas v6.0c + Sony Sound Forg v8.0d 1CD
(Just Releazed on 6th of April)

[sample] Best Service Studio Box Vol.1 Nature WAV link 1DVD
[sample] Best Service Studio Box Vol.2 Human WAV link 1DVD
[sample] Best Service Studio Box Vol.3 Technical WAV link 1DVD
[sample] Best Service Studio Box Vol.4 Special WAV link 1DVD
[e-Book] CSI Master Logic 7 PRO CSi Master link 1CD

[sample] [SFX] Star Trek Sound Effects CDDA link 1DVD

[sample] Zero G Grinding Beats multiformat link 1CD
(HipHop construction kits: Rex, Wav, Refill, NN19 patches, ReDrum drum kits.)

[SUPER HIT] [VSTi] Best Service Orient World link 1DVD
(These instruments are available: Saz, Balaban, Zurma, Ney, Kanun, Violin, Accordion, Oud, Saxophone, and, of course, the rhythmical heart of every production, a wide variety of all-purpose percussion)


[SUPER HIT] [sample] Sampletekk White Grand 24bit Halion EXS Kontakt link 2DVD-Set

[audioappz] 3D Audio Mic Shoot Out link 1CD

[SUPER HIT] [sample] Multi Samples Pack 4 PADS link 1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample] Multi Samples Pack 3 BASSES link 1CD
(650 kick drums and 100 basses for you to enjoy!)
[SUPER HIT] [sample] Multi Samples Pack 2 LEADS link 1CD
(Here is pack 2 from [url]www.time4base.com[/url] Enjoy!)
[SUPER HIT] [sample] Multi Samples Pack 1 LEADS link 1CD
(Vip Zone Multisamples Pack 1 LEADS .[url]www.time4base.com[/url])

[sample] SoundScan 62 Complete Harp AKAI link 1CD
(Total : 380 samples: 36 loops / 35 bisbigliandos /39 chords / 29 cascades / 133 glisses / 108 single shots)

[sample] X-FX Best Service AKAI link 1CD
(Best for professional use! Hard and explosive)

[sample] New Roots Reggae ACID WAV link 1CD
(Sony Sound Series - New Roots Reggae - Acid-wavs -)

[sample] Samplitools IR link 1CD
(great TC/Lexicon Irґs made for Acoustic Mirror back in the days...)

[sample] Big Fish Audio LA Riot The Funky Drummers CDDA link 3CD-Set
(The ultimate kickin' collection of license free funk, big beat, hip hop,)

[sample] Post Accordions V2 GIG link 1CD
(Post Accordians is the most complete and usable collection of accordion samples available! There are a Hohner Morino, an Accordiana, a Concertina, a Paolo, a Parrot and a bandoleon.)

[sample] Logic Express 7.2 + serial (osx and osx86 PC ) 1CD

[sample] Techno Trance Blaster ACID WAV RX2 link 2CD-Set
This double CD set is BANGIN' and RUDE. It's a complete construction kit that provides synths, basslines, beats, guitar noise, vocals, dj scratches, and more. A double CD packed with both .rx2 (for Reason) and acidized .wav for Hard Acid Techno and Hard Trance.
[sample] Electronisounds Supreme Sounds ACID WAV link 1CD
(Over 1,275 Sounds Only - NO Loops!)
[sample] Sound Breeze Clubtunes Vol.1. WAV SF2 link 1CD
(Sample CD 4 Club tracks: beats/sounds/FX/Vocals)
[sample] SoundBreeze Hardstyle Essentials X2 WAV SF2 link 1CD
Hardstyle Essentials X2 offers you more than each conventional SAM-POLARIZES CD. Manufactured by the producers of virus Inc., Kamui, Monsum, Synthflut, Bosc & Evans, TriTraxx or also Vezzio. These CD contain the latest current Multisamples from among other things productions of virus Inc. etc. thus without question the most professional and above all essential for all Dance, Trance, Techno or Hardstyleproductions. Beside the 522 Leadsounds (15 Multisamples in up to 3 oktaven) brachialen are extensive pitch basses on that CD, which are present in several clay/tone

[e-Book] CSI Master Tutorial Waves Plug-Ins CSI Master link 1CD
(Waves Plug-ins Csi Master Course School...learn how to work those Wave Bundles!!)
[e-Book] CSI Master Tutorial Ableton Live 4 CSi Master link 1CD
(roughly 4.5hrs of video tutorials on Live 4)
[e-Book] CSi Propellerheads Reason 3 Starter link 1CD
(tutorial movies from the cd master)
[e-Book] CSi Starter Cubase SX 3 CSi Starter link 1CD
(The 24 Quicktime movies from the Cubase.SX.3CSi Starter Tutorial CD)



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Синтезаторы Clavia LEAD2X, G2, G2 Engine, 3 NORD, MS2000B ...

Nord Modular G2 3 Octaves - 1450 euro
Модульный синтезатор (физическое моделирование, клавишная версия) 3 октавы

Nord Modular G2 Engine - 725 euro
Рековая версия Nord Modular G2

Nord Lead 2x - 1100 euro
Виртуальный аналоговый синтезатор, полифония 16 голосов, мультитембральность

Nord Rack 3 - 1200 euro
Звуковой модуль, полифония 24 голоса, мультитембральность 4 части

KORG MS2000B - 770$
с микрофоном в комплекте

тел 8-926-218-7886 Николай

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